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Walnut Chutney

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

God we love our Chutney’s don’t we. An Indian dining table is always incomplete without the mandatory serving of home-made chutneys which excite and tantalize our taste buds. And every region in India has its own regional specialty and sometimes there are several.

And the funny thing is different types of chutney are made for different foods. We slather them on bread, use them as dips and if you are a glutton like me, we also eat them on their own dipping one finger at a time in the bowl full of deliciousness.

I try different variations of Chutney’s every week and always get rave reviews when I serve them to unsuspecting guests. So when I stumbled upon a “Walnut Chutney” recipe on Spiceroot’s blog I was intrigued. I love Walnuts but the only time I really use them is in a Carrot Cake or a Brownie, I never thought of using them to make Chutney.

As I have a Mint plant in my kitchen Garden and a healthy stock of Walnuts in my fridge there was no excuse for me not to make it. I gathered all the ingredients and just chucked them all in the blender. Low and behold the humble Walnut was transformed into this delicious, nutty goodness that just begged to be eaten.

I served it with some “Hara Bhara Kabab”, which is an Indian starter made with Potato, Spinach and Ricotta Cheese and the Chutney was a hit. Everyone enjoyed it and asked for more. And I was happy to have a new Chutney recipe in my repertoire which was not only delicious but also healthy.

Here is the recipe (no cooking required ready in under 10 minutes)


¾ cup Walnuts halves

½ cup fresh Mint leaves

1 clove Garlic

Salt to taste

2 -3 Green chilies (Green chilies can be pretty hot so use them with some caution)

2 tbsp Water


1) Put everything in a blender and blitz to a fine paste. You may need to do it a few times as the Walnuts need a little bit of a beating.

2) Chill and serve with a variety of starters.

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