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Banana and Berry Popsicle

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

I am celebrating 3 things today, “Australia day” for the country I now call my home and have grown to love and respect. “Republic Day” for the country I was born and raised in and the news that my blog has been ranked as number 19 on "Perth's Hottest 100 food blogs 2014"

I cannot believe this has happened and my humble little blog which I started just out of passion has grown to this space where hungry foodies like me can go and find simple comforting recipes to satisfy their souls.

When this year started I promised myself that this year will be a year of achievements and learning’s. I set up a list of tasks for myself and pinned it on my fridge to read and reinforce it every day that I have to work towards achieving my goals. My blog is number 3 in my list of things I need to achieve in 2014 and I have always aimed at keeping things easy and simple with no fancy shenanigans and have tried to make my blog non intimidating and easy for everyone to follow. I just love to cook and take not very professional pictures of the food and write whatever I feel like.

To celebrate all the happy things today I decided to make something really cold and delicious for the searing hot summer’s day and give it an Indian twist. Presenting the very delicious Berry Banana Lassi Popsicle’s. As a Punjabi, lassi is part of my staple diet and I can drink it almost every day in summers.

So what can be more interesting then turning it into a Popsicle with summer berries and a very fresh Australian Bananas and Honey. I have used low fat Greek yogurt and honey instead of Sugar to make it a bit healthier. It hardly takes any time to get together and tastes summery, tarty and full of flavors, perfect for the day.

Recipe assembly time 10 minutes, freeze for 4 – 6 hours before you serve


2 cups fresh or frozen berries

1 cup low fat Greek yogurt (make sure your yogurt is not sour)

1 tbsp honey (you can add a bit more honey if you want it to be sweeter)

1 Banana


1) Blend everything together in a blender and pour into Popsicle molds, freeze 4 – 6 hours for the best result.

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