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About Us

About us

The Modern Desi is born from the successful food blog, Just A Girl From Aamchi Mumbai.


Our story is rooted when i moved to Perth then Sydney Australia, for work to start an exciting new life adventure with my husband.

A few months into living in Australia, i was diagnosed with symptoms of listlessness, lack of energy and an overall feeling of emptiness.


A doctor’s advice was to “start eating food that i ate while growing up” thus starting me on a culinary journey to recreate the authentic, real flavors of India that are almost unknown outside of the sub-continent . . . the food that we hear about in family stories, the grandmother recipes that have been passed down for generation's are cooked seasonally, knowing your lentils providing a holistic nourishment to body mind and soul.

Dishes like Dhaba Dal, Labra, Dal Pakwan, Sindhi Kadhi, food that i ate back home – which are typically not found in Australia healed me and opened options to creatively express myself through cooking, writing, and photography.

In our new chapter of our food journey

“The Modern Desi" a symbolic representation of the person, culture and product of India while living our cultural roots and balancing an evolution that has come with time, experience and my adventures in Australia.

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