Sooji Halwa

Updated: Jul 4

Sooji Halwa basically is sweetened Semolina topped with some choicest of dry fruits. Like any typical Indian preparation there are various variations to it.


* 2 tbsps Ghee (Clarified Butter)

* 1 cup fine Sooji Flour (Rava/Semolina)

* 1 ½ cup Sugar

* 3 cups Water (use milk instead of water, it elevates the taste of the halwa. However if you wish to make excess halwa and relish it for a few days use Water)

* ½ Tsp Cardamom powder Or 3 Cardamoms split open

* Raisins, Cashew nuts to decorate

* a pinch of salt


Heat the 3 cups water in a Pan adding the Sugar in it till the Sugar completely dissolves. If using Cardamom pods instead of powder add the pods in this Syrup with the Sugar. Once the Sugar is dissolved put the Syrup aside. (You will notice the syrup I have made is dark brown in color that is because I have used Raw Sugar instead of the plain White one)

Take a heavy bottom pan and add a little Ghee to fry the Cashewnuts. Once the Cashews are roasted and a little brown put them aside for garnishing later.

In the same pan add the remaining Ghee and the Semolina and start roasting it on a slow flame. You need to be careful as Semolina burns easily, so be gentle and nice to get the best results. Add the pinch of Salt now as it will balance the Sugar if the Halwa gets too sweet.

You will know the Semolina is cooked when you see that it has turned a shade darker. (if you are using Cardamom Powder add it at this stage) Now add the water slowly step by step to the pan.

You have to be careful here as the minute the water hits the pan it will start to splutter all over. So make sure you are standing at a distance when doing it.

Keep stiring till the Semolina has soaked up all the water and you can see Ghee leaving the pan. Top it with Raisins and roasted cashew-nuts and serve hot.

This halwa can be eaten with puris or just on its own as well, laden with Ghee and Cashew-nuts its quite nourishing for the soul.

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