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Coconut and Yogurt Kadhi - Maharashtrian style

Updated: Mar 18

So my best friend “A” was not happy with the Pumpkin Soup recipe I posted two days ago. It is not that she doesn’t like my food or the Pumpkin, she lives in Singapore and it is very hot and humid out there. She specifically left a note on Facebook telling me that the next post should be about something that is cooling and not as hot as Soup.

Now I always listen to what she says or at least I try to. She taught me how to make Chapattis and Gulab Jamun (Yes I am an Indian girl who did not know how to make Chapattis and still doesn’t). So this post is dedicated to her thanking her for all the wonderful things she has taught me.

To please her I have made a simple cooling Coconut and Curd curry which is a typical curry made in summers in Maharashtrian households and tastes really amazing. You can have it on its own or with hot steaming rice.


1 cup grated fresh Coconut (do not use desiccated Coconut)

2 cups fresh Curd

1 tsp Turmeric Powder

4 -5 Curry leaves

4 -5 Green chillies (you can use less if you want it less spicy)

1 tsp Mustard seeds

1 tsp Cumin seeds

1 tsp Sugar

Salt to taste


Grind the Cumin seeds, fresh Coconut, Curd, Green Chillies and Turmeric Powder to a very fine paste. The taste of curd has to dominate the curry not the taste of the Coconut so ensure that the paste is really fine.

Heat oil in a Pan add Mustard seeds and Curry leaves to the hot oil.

Lower the flame and very carefully add the Curd and Coconut mixture to the oil. Do remember that the gravy will splash around if the heat is too high.

Add Salt and Sugar to the mix now and let it boil.

Serve it hot or you can drink it as a soup or have it with rice.

Hope the maharastrian mulgi loves this.

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